Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cigna PCP Numbers Available


numbersMission Hospital Affiliated Physicians (MHAP) has provided us with Cigna Primary Care Physician (PCP) ID numbers for all of our SOCPA doctors, retroactive as of 07/01/2013.  This new affiliation allows us to welcome the children of Mission Hospital/St. Joseph Health employees back to our practice by choosing one of our doctors through MHAP via their Cigna HMO plan.

Please click here for the corresponding ID numbers that will be used if you choose to switch to a SOCPA physician using your Cigna HMO plan through MHAP.

(Please Note:  Though SJH employees must choose an MHAP physician as their child’s PCP,  we continue to maintain our contract with Monarch Healthcare IPA as well. Unique PCP numbers are used when choosing our physicians through Monarch.  Please refer to Cigna’s website for the full listing of ID numbers for each of the SOCPA physicians.)

We will also publish our new Blue Shield HMO PCP numbers as soon as we receive them.  If you have any questions regarding these changes, please email general questions  to askus@socpa.com  or you may contact Melanie Jackson, our Practice Administrator, at (949) 770-6789 extension #622.

Cigna HMO/Mission Hospital Affiliated Physicians PCP Numbers for SOCPA doctors.