Thursday, December 14, 2017

Psychodiagnostic Testing Program


mother-and-sonIn an effort to provide quality coordination of care to our patients and parents, SOCPA is pleased to offer a convenient resource for psychodiagnostic testing. Below, please find the full description of this service provided by Southcoast Psychological Associates:

Dr. Vesna Radojevic (“Dr. Rad”) has worked with SOCPA for almost two decades. She has developed and implemented the Parent Line for the pediatric group’s patients over the past nineteen years. Through this very helpful, innovative, and successful service promoted by the SOCPA practice, Dr. Rad has provided telephone assistance and in-person services to hundreds of families throughout Orange County each year.

Dr. Rad and Southcoast Psychological Associates (SPA) are now proud to partner exclusively with SOCPA to offer a quality psychological testing program in order to assist the pediatrician with further medical treatment, such as medication. This is a one-of-a-kind service, uniquely tailored to assist SOCPA physicians in providing quality care to patients by having reliable psychodiagnostic testing geared toward elucidating a differential diagnosis for ADHD, learning disabilities, and other potential behavioral and emotional disorders commonly diagnosed in childhood.

This multidisciplinary approach is state of the art and the highest standard of care for a pediatric practice. This new program will be an onsite service at the SOCPA offices in Ladera Ranch.

Heading the program is Dr. Giamona, postdoctoral fellow with SPA, who emphasizes in child and family treatment. The program consists of an initial clinical meeting with parents, implementation of the testing protocol with the child, and a brief follow-up session to ensure parents’ understanding of the results and recommendations. In addition, SOCPA physicians and staff will receive communication of the results and recommendations from the diagnostic testing. Dr. Rad will be involved in all aspects of each case through direct consultation with Dr. Giamona.

Your child’s health and well-being are of the utmost importance. In collaboration with SOCPA, we are committed to providing quality care by providing the highest standard of care for children and their families. This is an exclusive program promoting reliable psychodiagnostic testing that is efficient, onsite, and cost effective for SOCPA patients. This is an exciting, collaborative, and state of the art program that promotes the best diagnostics coupled with the best medical care for your child.

Please contact Dr. Giamona directly at (858) 751-9375 for further information or to schedule an appointment.