Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Top 8 Questions for Pacify Lactation Consultants


new-parentsHere are the top 8 questions that our lactation consultants hear most often on their calls to Pacify:

  1. My baby has diarrhea! The poop is yellow, seedy and runny.  
    ANSWER: It’s actually normal. In an adult, that kind of poop may indicate diarrhea, but in a breast fed baby, this is all perfectly normal.
  2. My baby is three weeks old. He is eating every 2-3 hours for 30-40 minutes. Is that normal?
    ANSWER: It sure is a lot of breastfeeding, but this is very typical at this age. And over time, the baby will become more efficient and feed a bit quicker.
  3. How many poops and pees per day is normal in breastfeeding babies?
    ANSWER: Day of life one: 1 pee/poo. Day of life two: 2 pees/poos. Then after about day 4 stools should start to become yellow and seedy and you will see about 5-6 wet diapers per day and 3-4 stools. But there are large variations. Some a babies stool twice and some may stool ten times per day. Watch that weight gain at your pediatrician’s office for a good gauge on growth along with the daily diapers.
  4. It’s really hot today! Should I give my baby a few ounces of water?
    ANSWER: Great question, but the answer is definitely no. Breast milk is actually the perfect liquid on a hot day and will keep your baby hydrated.
  5. I read that I need to stay away from broccoli and other gassy foods when I am breastfeeding. Is that true?
    ANSWER: There is no need to stay away from broccoli or other gassy foods if you notice it doesn’t affect your baby. The nutrition recommendations for breastfeeding mothers are to eat a wide variety of different foods that you enjoy.
  6. If the cradle position is working for me while breastfeeding, is there any reason I need to change it?
    ANSWER: Our Pacify philosophy is simple; if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. If baby has a good latch and you are comfortable, by all means, stick with what you are doing. Sometimes when women have sore nipples, they find great relief when switching positions.
  7. I read I need to drink 8 glasses of water a day to make the optimal amount of milk for my baby. Is this true?
    ANSWER: Great question and one we hear a lot. Drinking water is not what makes milk. The emptying of the breast (breastfeeding or pumping) sends a signal to the brain to make more milk. By all means, drink when you feel thirsty, but there is no reason to flood yourself in hopes of making milk =)
  8. Breastfeeding has been easy for me, until now. My baby girl is about four months old and use to feed every 4-5 hours. Over the past week, the baby is feeding every 2 hours and I feel like she’s regressing! What’s going on?
    ANSWER: This is very common and is often referred to as cluster feeding. When babies need more nutrition, they breastfeed more often, which will send a signal to your brain to make more milk. Yes, it’s exhausting, but cluster feeding is a terrific sign your baby is growing. Monitor her progress and try to rest when you can.