Sunday, September 24, 2017

Phone Calls and Office Visits


Telephone Calls

Our office staff and phone nurses have been trained to answer most common questions.  The SOCPA team member answering your calls will take appropriate action when you briefly explain the reason for your call.   When you are seeking advice by telephone, keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Before you call, decide if you want the doctor to see your child.  If this is the case, call early in the day.
  • In many instances a licensed nurse will be able to answer your questions.  If not, your questions will be transferred to a doctor.
  • Keep writing materials ready for noting any instructions you may receive.
  • If the condition worsens or you feel that your child needs to be seen earlier than you originally thought, please call back.
  • In the case of a non-life threatening emergency, call the office before going to the hospital.
  • For non-emergency calls to a Spanish speaking staff member,  call (949) 770-0513 extension #37 and please leave a voice message.  A staff member will return your call

We will make every effort to return your call promptly.  The receptionist will attempt to inform you approximately how long your wait will be so that you can adjust your schedule in order to answer our return call.

Please remember that many diseases have the same symptoms.  For this reason, most requests for treatment will require an office examination.  If you believe that medication will be required,  have the phone number of your pharmacy available.  Please call during weekday office hours for prescription refills so that we may review your child’s chart.

For information regarding  After Hours Care, please click here.

Office Visits

Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time as late arrivals can cause delays for other patients.  Also, it is very helpful to write down the questions you would like answered before arriving for your child’s appointment.

Visits are categorized as “well visits” and “sick visits”.  Both types of appointments are an important part of comprehensive medical care.  During a well-child visit, we are concerned with observing growth and development, counseling and parent education, detecting illness early through screening examinations and laboratory tests, preventing illness through immunizations, and getting to know one another.  Well-care and sick-care visits are scheduled separately.  Well-care examinations should not be performed when a child is sick.

If during the course of a well-exam the physician identifies a diagnosis that requires management and treatment, there may be an additional fee for the service.  You may want to contact your insurance carrier ahead of time to inquire as to whether your policy covers same-day sick and well visits.  You may decide that you would like to schedule a separate visit at a later date.

At the completion of your visit, please be certain that your questions have been answered to your satisfaction.  It is important that you are fully informed about our findings and opinions.